Tracy Biller: Mlm Veteran Using New Network Marketing Business Model

Tracy Biller is very well known in the MLM industry. He has built huge downlines in Network Marketing and has always been a trainer and proponent of calling leads, mainly genealogy leads. Genealogy leads are people who are either currently doing MLM or have been involved in a home based business.
The belief being that instead of calling opportunity seekers who know nothing about Network marketing, you call people who already understand building a MLM business.

Tracy Biller expanded into the bigger business model and has a complete generic training platform for all Network marketers. Instead of just making profits from downlines, he has expanded his business model to include multiple income streams selling generic training to ALL Network marketers. He attracts thousands of Network marketers that pay him money for CD Training, lead packages, and other items.

Tracy Biller uses attraction marketing by offering FREE content to attract prospects. They now enter his sales funnel. The prospects love the info they received and they sign up for his FREE newsletter so he has captured their info to start ongoing communication and relationship building. Tracy has free e-books on building downlines and free live training calls so prospects and their downlines get generic MLM training.

In each of the free products, his products for purchase are introduced. Tracy Biller uses the same business model as fortune 500 companies. This is pure marketing! Tracy builds a trust relationship with people and lets them come to him to make purchases. Marketing, not selling! Broke Network marketers run around with an application in their hands begging people to sign up. Top industry earners have a system to attract prospects to join them and they make multiple income streams in the process.

Tracy Biller is just another example of this business model. This model is being taught by people like Industry legend Joe Schroeder, Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg and Daegan Smith. The systems can be a little different but the concept is always the same. The sales funnel starts with FREE. There are introductory or small purchases to lead the prospect to be a customer. This is sometimes followed up by larger dollar amount purchases. There is always a back end recurring purchase at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Tracy Biller is using the funded proposal. In MLM recruiting this means instead of spending money for recruiting you are making profits while you are recruiting. Cash flow means you and your downline can stay in business and this means you actually have an unlimited marketing budget. This is the secret the top mega earners in this industry use to build massive downlines.