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3 Steps to Free Viral Traffic For Your Website

If you have a website where you are selling a product or service, you know how important website traffic is to your site. However, most users are very annoyed with pop ups or float over banners and will quickly, leave your site. A different approach that is highly effective is the use of viral traffic and there are many ways you can do this free of charge.


How to Make Money From Blogging – Tips & Strategies

Some people may find it surprising, but you really can make money from blogging. A web log or blog, as it is more often called, is a website where entries are made similar to a diary or journal. What started as a way for people to record their thoughts, experiences, opinions, etc. has become a way to make money online.

Many bloggers have discovered that blogging is profitable and that they can make a few dollars a week or even earn enough to make a living. The following tips and strategies will show you how to make money blogging.


Success in Life

Today, I would like to address the question of what it means to achieve success in life. So what is success and how can you achieve it?

The first thing to recognise is that success means different things to different people. For me, it is living my life in exactly the way I want, doing what I want, when I want, whilst being completely free from any financial worries. Today, that is exactly how I would describe my lifestyle. I recently gave up my old day job and I now do exactly what I want with my time.


Have you ever had the experience of not keeping the resolutions or promises that you made for yourself and feeling inadequate when you didn’t follow through?

There was a time when this would happen to me routinely.

I would say to myself “That’s it! From here on I’m going to start eating healthy and lose 25 pounds and I’m going to write four hours every morning, play the mandolin an hour, read for an hour, and then go for a five-mile hike. Oh yea… and I’m going to stop watching so much television every evening.”


The Eight Words That Cause Lack of Success

If you want to be happy and successful, there are eight words in the English language that you must avoid at all costs. Each of them has the power to destroy your dreams, and lead you into unnecessary suffering, disappointment, and hopelessness.

What’s scary about these words is not only the fact that we tend to be unaware they are embedded in our primitive ego thinking process, but the fact that we use them almost every day of our lives……totally unaware of how harmful they are.


There are simply so many benefits with learning how to acquire your own Free MLM Leads, instead of purchasing Leads and starting to contact them for your primary MLM business. First of all, we can all agree on that if people receive to much rejection, they will quit. So recommending your downlines to purchase Leads and start to cold call them will almost guarantee that they just loose their money and quit.

So if you are like most network marketers out there, then you probably want to learn how to get free leads, and also duplicate that knowledge to your downline.


With the constant changes taking place in the search engine marketing world, it’s no wonder that many people are confused as to what is acceptable, what works, and what they should be doing.

Over the past years social media has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the search engine marketing game, and it’s important to learn how to marry social media with the more established marketing tool of article marketing.

Here are some questions you may be wondering:

1 – Do I need to choose between doing social media and article marketing, or is it best when they are used together?


If you are a business owner wanting to develop your marketing plan, then text message marketing can solve your problem. Thousands of companies and businessmen have already made some changes regarding their marketing approach towards the public. They have followed the right path of marketing, as they have upgraded the way to stay connected with their clients and future consumers. Easy, fast, and effective, this is how the businessmen described the experienced that they have had by using mobile marketing through SMS. According to statistics, cell phone users in United States have increased to 203 million from 34 million in just ten years. It is also a fact that at the end of year 2009, there were nearly 5 billion people that are using mobile phones in the whole world according to the International Telecommunication Union or ITU. With these information alone, the businessmen and companies now have the idea to improve the quality of their marketing method, and that is to use the cell phone’s popularity, sending product information in to someone’s mobile phone in order to promote and advertise their showcase.


Who else hasn’t yet made their first $1000 online? Are you searching, struggling, flailing and ultimately FAILING to make any real progress with your online business? It really doesn’t have to be difficult… and the real secret to making easy money online is surprisingly straight forward! The sad truth is that most people will NEVER make $100 dollars online in their lifetime, let alone per week… or per month, or even per day.

The reason? In my view, it’s because we are all conditioned to believe that you NEED things to succeed online, or that there are a series of educational requirements, or “scams” you need to fall for, or strikeouts you need to experience, before you hit your first home run.


When you’re working on defining your target market, consider the concept of aiming for a marketing “sweet spot”. This sweet spot would be defined as having the following characteristics:

* You are thrilled and excited to work with this market.
* They are ecstatic to find your solutions to their urgent need.
* Your qualifications easily close the sale.

When you use these criteria to select a target market, you will find that you get the following benefits:

1. You won’t have to work so hard to attract your target market.

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