A 3rd Party Review Of Zija International – Is Zija A Credible Business Opportunity?

If you are checking out this review, then chances are you’re searching for information on Zija International. Zija isn’t a new company, but it’s still relatively young and still in it’s early stages. And, because it’s part of the growing Health and Wellness industry, there is an obvious market for the products Zija sells. If you’re seriously thinking about joining Zija as a rep, I want to encourage you to read through this third party review as I will go into information on the company, the product line, the pay plan and, most importantly, what you’ll have to do to give yourself the best chance of succeeding at Zija.

First Of All, Let’s Cover Who Zija International Is?

Zija is a company that promotes health and nutritional products via a network marketing, or multilevel marketing, business structure. The company was started by Kenneth Brailsford and a group of entrepreneurs in 2006. Currently, the management team is led by Kenneth Brailsford (founder and President), Rodney Larsen (Executive President) and Michael Hershberger (Vice President). All three of these men have extensive backgrounds in business, and bring over 50 years of combined direct sales experience to the company.

Currently, the company is based in Utah, but is operating in the US, Canada, Mexico, China and Japan. Based on their current growth, it wouldn not be a surprise to see them break into more countries and expand their international market presence.

What Does Zija Market?

Zija markets nutritional and health products that all contain Moringa. Moringa is an exotic plant that has been used for thousands of years in various countries for it’s beneficial properties. There is tremendous research that document that plant’s balance of amino acids, minerals and antioxidants.

According to the corporate site,the Moringa plant has been used as early as 150 BC by several cultures including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and many Asian cultures. Also, the company website states that there are more than 300 conditions known that the Moringa plant can help with.

Zija has developed a few different Moringa products. Some of these products include:

1. The liquid nutritional line – Zija’s liquid nutritional line is made up of three products. The first one is their original, flagship product called The Smart Drink. The Smart Drink comes in small cans and contains 90 different minerals, vitamins, nutrients, omega oils and, of course, the Moringa plant. The second product is Smart Mix, which is a powder version of The Smart Drink, so you can pack it and simply add it to water whenever you want. The last product is called XM3, which is Zija’s version of the energy drink, but has weight loss benefits as well.

2. Weight management products – The first product in Zija’s weight loss line is a capsule version of their XM3 product. And the second product is Miracle Tea, which is a cleanse product.

3. Skin care products – Zija has put together a complete line of skin care products that have Moringa extracts and are all -natural.

Obviously, if you’re thinking about joining Zija, you should take time to do some homework on Moringa for yourself so you can get some basic knowledge on it’s medicinal properties.

The Pay Plan

As far as Zija’s business opportunity goes, you can become a rep by buying a distributor kit and an initial product purchase. Every month thereafter, you’ll have to maintain a monthly product order, or autoship, to capitalize on the compensation plan. The compensation plan has several ways you can make money including personal commissions, residual income, matching checks, different kindsof bonuses and even order rebates. All in all, there’s a fair balance of upfront income potential and back-end residual income potential.

Is Zija A Solid Opportunity?

In closing, Zija is a very stable business opportunity. The company has an experienced management team, quality products, a generous pay plan and is still in it’s ground floor stages. If you are looking to join a network marketing company that promotes wellness products, Zija might be for you.

However, Zija Will Not Make You Wealthy!

The only thing Zija give you is a vehicle and an opportunity. Ultimately, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor distributors, sell products and develop a productive team. In addition, in order to succeed at building a profitable Zija business, you must learn how to market and generate leads. Without leads, you will have a very hard time getting your business going. However, if you’re generating an endless flow of leads, you can potentially be on your way to building a wildly prosperous business.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – 5 Qualities You Must Have To Profit From Affiliate Marketing

Before you start, you need to know that there is a lot of competition in the online marketing business. You need to equip yourself with the right things if you were to stand out from the other affiliate marketers?

Take a look at these 5 qualities to start profit from affiliate marketing.

The first thing you need to start making money online is to continue to invest in the business. It is not uncommon that you don’t profit even after 7 months in this business.

You will start to doubt yourself whether this is a good idea to continue spending time, hardwork and money in the business. If this will make you feel better, a lot of affiliate marketers spend a few years before they really start to profit from this business.

If you have decided to profit from affiliate marketing, it is important that you hold on and continue to build your business no matter how demoralizing it can be.

The second thing you need to be a successful affiliate marketer is to be self-determined. You must have the ability to push yourself ahead. When things are not going your way, you will need to motivate yourself to strive for the business.

The next thing you need to start making money online is to be discipline. You need to take the initiative to start your project, build your traffic, follow up with your prospects and find solution to solve your problem. It is true that you can outsource a lot of your responsibility but you still need to communicate with the freelancers to be sure you get what was expected.

Besides what you read so far, you still need to be confident to profit from affiliate marketing. Sometimes people around you tend to disagree with the concept of online marketing and they will try to influence you to give up the business. This kind of negative attitude will never help you to achieve financial freedom online. If you sway from your entrepreneurial path, you will end up working for others again.

The last quality to be a successful affiliate marketer is to be willing to learn. There are a lot to learn from affiliate marketing and you can never just follow your instinct.

Do you know how to pick the right product and sell to your prospects? Do you know where to get reliable affiliate marketing tips? How do you get the traffic to visit your website? You can only get these answers through learning about the business.

Business Cards Are A Marketing Thrust

Marketing is an integral part of any business. But sad to say, many businesses fail on this category. If you think that it’s simple to shed hundreds of dollars on a marketing campaign, just think of the politicians who spent millions, if not billions, on their campaign but fail to win the coveted position. Doesn’t it feel like they only wasted their money?

Well, it’s the same thing in business. If you don’t invest in the right marketing strategy, you are likely to end up wasting your money. This is why when it comes to marketing your business, it’s best to stick to what works and what’s important, and avoid unneeded complications as much as possible. To give you a head start, consider starting with one of the simplest and cost effective materials in use in business today—the business cards.

So, what does good, effective cheap business cards do to a business? Believe it or not, it does more than promote your business when used correctly. For decades, business owners have trusted on business cards to introduce themselves and their business to potential customers. Even early merchants have used these cards when doing business with nobles and traveling to other towns.

Today, they are an integral part of a person’s professional life. Almost everybody practically have a business card with them every time they go out of the house. So, because everybody has them, it won’t cost you anything to implement it.

But many business owners simply underutilize their business card. Of course, it’s standard for business cards to contain your name, business name, address, contact numbers, and website, if you have nay. But more than your basic information, your business card should have these two critical elements for people to get interested with what you offer at once:

• Unique Selling Point (USP). Your unique selling point is simply the one thing that sets you or your products and services apart from your competitors. This could be done through a short statement telling your customers of the biggest benefit they get when they do business with you. If you have a good and honest USP, you increase your chance of competing effectively with other businesses in the market on factors other than price. That means you get more profitable and successful.

• Free offer. Everybody loves free items. Consider offering free trial of your products, free subscription to your newsletter, or free item for every purchase of some of your products. Print your free offers at the back of your business cards and you can easily move your prospects to become buying customers.

A good rule to follow is to give away your business card three at a time. Every time someone asks for your card or you exchange cards with prospects, give them three of your card for them to pass along. If they know someone who needs your products or service, they can give out your card to them. This simple tactic will result in referrals, which is something highly appreciated in any business.

So, get started in your business cards today and enjoy easy and trouble-free marketing campaign. Keep in mind that everything starts from simple things, and when it comes to marketing your business, there’s nothing wrong with starting from simple and inexpensive business cards.

Top 2 Tips For Growing Your Affiliate Marketing Business

By following these 2 top tips for growing any affiliate marketing business, you will indeed eliminate much of your frustrations and move ahead with better ease.

The first tip for moving forward is always have a workable plan.

Why trial and error is not a bad thing; developing a healthy attitude toward mistakes; focusing and refining your business model; the importance of research for predicting outcomes; the power of self-discipline.

Having a workable plan is a must in order to help eliminate a lot of unnecessary frustrations. By having a workable plan, you will be able to move through you work activities more smoothly. Also you will get much more work accomplished in a shorter amount of time which will leave you with more time to do the things you enjoy.

One tip for having a workable plan is to stay organized.I can’t express to you how much being organized has helped me. Have a “To Do list” for every day that you work. I like to write my list out at the end of the day for the next day, that way you can just jump right into work with out wasting time.

But remember, you will need to adjust your plan from time to time. Keep what works and eliminate or replace what don’t work.

The second tip for moving ahead with your affiliate business is “Never Quit”.

Super affiliate have great persistence and dedication.If you don’t have both qualities then affiliate marketing is not for you. Super affiliates keep fighting until they have accomplished what it is they set out to accomplish which is mega sales.

Most people think that super affiliates are born with some special information that allows them to make millions over night and be come a overnight success. But that simply is not the truth. If you ask any super affiliate, they will tell you they went through a series of trail and error before they became successful. Once they got things to finally click for them, then from that point they became a overnight success.

You must be persistent at building your affiliate business. Understand that you will hit bumps and get some bruises on the way. But the end result is well worth the journey. And once you become to enjoy affiliate marketing, the hurdles that seemed big in the past will look so small to you.

By having a workable plan and “Never Quitting” you will be able to move forward in your affiliate marketing business with a lot less frustration. You will have the attitude of a super affiliate which is ” I will succeed at all cost”, which is the main difference between ordinary affiliates and super affiliates.

These tips are just the tip of the ice berg but thanks to the pioneers of affiliate marketing we can follow other successful super affiliates paths to the top.

Tracy Biller: Mlm Veteran Using New Network Marketing Business Model

Tracy Biller is very well known in the MLM industry. He has built huge downlines in Network Marketing and has always been a trainer and proponent of calling leads, mainly genealogy leads. Genealogy leads are people who are either currently doing MLM or have been involved in a home based business.
The belief being that instead of calling opportunity seekers who know nothing about Network marketing, you call people who already understand building a MLM business.

Tracy Biller expanded into the bigger business model and has a complete generic training platform for all Network marketers. Instead of just making profits from downlines, he has expanded his business model to include multiple income streams selling generic training to ALL Network marketers. He attracts thousands of Network marketers that pay him money for CD Training, lead packages, and other items.

Tracy Biller uses attraction marketing by offering FREE content to attract prospects. They now enter his sales funnel. The prospects love the info they received and they sign up for his FREE newsletter so he has captured their info to start ongoing communication and relationship building. Tracy has free e-books on building downlines and free live training calls so prospects and their downlines get generic MLM training.

In each of the free products, his products for purchase are introduced. Tracy Biller uses the same business model as fortune 500 companies. This is pure marketing! Tracy builds a trust relationship with people and lets them come to him to make purchases. Marketing, not selling! Broke Network marketers run around with an application in their hands begging people to sign up. Top industry earners have a system to attract prospects to join them and they make multiple income streams in the process.

Tracy Biller is just another example of this business model. This model is being taught by people like Industry legend Joe Schroeder, Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg and Daegan Smith. The systems can be a little different but the concept is always the same. The sales funnel starts with FREE. There are introductory or small purchases to lead the prospect to be a customer. This is sometimes followed up by larger dollar amount purchases. There is always a back end recurring purchase at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Tracy Biller is using the funded proposal. In MLM recruiting this means instead of spending money for recruiting you are making profits while you are recruiting. Cash flow means you and your downline can stay in business and this means you actually have an unlimited marketing budget. This is the secret the top mega earners in this industry use to build massive downlines.