Is Seeing Believing or Is Believing Seeing? The Concept of Wealth

There was a great sale at Macy’s online. I have chosen some items that I was looking for, placed them in my basket and was going to get them later, knowing that the sale ended at midnight that night. My total was one third of what I would have to pay otherwise. Needless to say, one thing led to another and I did not get these items in time. I got back to my basket next morning just to find out that two of the items were not available anymore and the other two had a price tag higher than all of my shopping cart the day before. As a consolation prize – I still had money in my pocket.

Question is whether is seeing believing or is believing seeing? What is the Concept Of Wealth?

As I am trying to learn lessons from all the events in my life, I decided to digested the concept of wealth this time.

We, people, the occupants of earth, want to make a lot of money. But money is not or should never be the goal. It should only get us to the possession of things we want and to the free time we will have to do what we love to do. That is not however, how majority of us are thinking. We think about money as a lump sum stashed somewhere for the so called rainy days. One day I overheard a conversation between a mom and her young child. She was explaining something about saving for difficult times, financial hardship, sickness, all together, for the famous rainy days. The child thought for a moment and then he asked – “and how do you know which one is the right rainy day to start using that money?”

See, neither money nor wealth is not a moment, it is an ongoing movement and circulation, when the circulation stops, the flow of money stops, wealth stops. You can experience that phenomenon in your own life and in the life of a nation, or that of the world.

One may say, there are a lot of obstacles on the way to wealth, but the truth is, we are the only obstacles really. It is our way of thinking or feeling about money that may create the concept of wealth. It is our belief which most of us developed over the childhood and brought it into adult years.

Let’s face it, wealthy people who understand the concept of wealth have certain characteristics, which others don’t have. But that can be changed. Everything starts with listening to your heart and to the teachings of successful people. Don’t listen to masses, if their philosophy would be true, there would be no poverty. How can someone who barely makes the ends meet advice you on what is appropriate in regards to money and wealth?

The next big thing is to take action when opportunity presents itself. Opportunity is not a big tornado, shaking the basis of the house of life. Opportunity is a soft whisper into your heart. Follow your heart. Look at the successful and wealthy people. They had personal dramas, professional misfortunes, all kinds of tragedies. But in the chaos of adversity they also heard that whisper which led them to the next level. The tragedies helped them to gain the right mindset.


Now It Is Time For Some Facts On The Concept Of Wealth

It is a known fact, that gaining understanding of the concept of wealth before gaining the wealthy mindset ends in tragedies, in losing the opportunity for ever. Let’s look at the people who win lotteries. According to statistics, 75% of lottery winners go broke within 5 years. Why? It is because they don’t have a wealthy person’s mindset.

People who are wealthy understand the concept of wealth and do what they love to do, the fortune follows their activities. People who look for “becoming rich quickly” seek the wealth outside of them, as if it would not be part of them. Wealth exists inside of us. First find your heart, listen to it, find your passion and then wealth will follow. Believing is seeing. If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you can’t – you can’t. It’s as simple as that.

So, back to my experience about the concept of wealth: should I have taken action when the sale was on, I would have gotten what I needed and wanted, I would have saved money, and I could have dedicated the left over money to other things I wished for. Money would have been in motion. By not taking action, I lost on all fronts, and the money in my pocket lost the initial buying power. Do not do it. Take action. Learn to hear your heart.

Be am amazed with the concept of wealth and the value of experience that comes from a simple heart to heart conversation. Yes, when the words are missing, hearts talk.
Breathe in the magnificence of life and breathe out the passion for love so others can be poisoned with it. And read, read, read.

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