One of the most popular and very much affordable methods of internet marketing has always been article marketing. The reason why it is amazingly popular is because it does not have a cost as in it is completely FREE to submit your articles to various online article directories. The only issue with article marketing is that it will take you a little time to write each and every article.

Over the last almost 10 years that I have spent full time in internet marketing I have very quickly realised that the best articles are those that are written using your own creativity when you have taken time to research, think and consider in order to gain a fresh perspective for the subject you are going to write an article about

If you take the time to browse through some online article directories you will see that a common issue is that it appears as if most subjects have already been written about by someone else and it may even appear to yourself as if the following articles on these subjects are just a variation of the original article written in another context or merely used different words within the article.

You may have seen on the internet many times over that there is alot of article software that will change articles around for you and so forth and whilst at the beginning this was very profitable to many people it has now come to the attention of Google and many other search engines on the internet. One of the most important aspects of an internet marketer should be credibility and this can only be gained if you write your own articles, with your own words without the need to try to copy anyone else as this will make your article unique which means you will also be unique allowing you to go very far with your article writing.

One of the very best ways to get yourself started within article marketing is as I have said above to start writing your own articles with a sense of creativity from a fresh perspective on each subject gained by research and knowledge. If you feel you do not have these skills then the next stage is where you could in fact hire a ghost writer which is where someone else will write articles on your behalf giving you exclusive rights to the article where only your name can be put to it as the author and of course these are articles you can make money with.

Another option is to look for students on the internet who are very much eager to gain experience of writing articles as these type of people will normally write your articles either for an extremely low cost of even FREE however you will have to keep your eye on the quality that is being produced.

It is very well known on the internet that this type of article writing method does work as many successful internet marketers have employed the services of a student to write articles for them at either a very low cost or completely free. There is however also many internet marketers who have came against issues with their article writing using this method because alot of the time these end up not being unique articles. They tend to have been copied from other articles and just had a few words or sentances changed.

As you may already know the search engines are very sophisticated now which means copying articles in this way is becoming extremely hard to do as most search engines such as Google will give page rank to the article which is more worthy which is usually the unique and original article.

There is only one type of article that will ever get massive traffic to make you money and that is the article with the best content that provides quality information which in turn will help to benefit the reador. Therefore the very best advice I can give you today is to write your own articles and just take time to research the subject to gain a fresh outlook on it and this will brand you and your articles as unique.

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